Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips to keep the baby health

Tips for maintaining healthy liver should have fruity we see, especially in the rainy season, sometimes the weather is extreme. Temperature changes greatly affect the health of our hearts.
Maintain the health of your beloved's heart became a priority. Remember toddlers don't have the perfect body endurance. Toddlers are particularly vulnerable to attack a wide range of germs (viruses). Early toddlers assaulted a high fever. I need to know fever is not a disease, but a symptom that the Middle body build defenses against infection. Fever can be a symptom of a disease.
One of these diseases is likely to attack the fruit our hearts when we aren't membentenginya with maximum durability of the body. Prevention efforts will be far better than to treat it. For that we need to know the prevention efforts and how to handle it when our toddlers exposed to one of these diseases.
Cut down on activities outside of the home
When you need to bring your little one out of the House, we recommend that you do just at a time when weather is sunny. The "ideal" is early morning or late afternoon. Avoid out 12 noon. Because at this time is the culmination of the change of weather and pollution. This precaution can be expected to reduce the risk of respiratory tract disorders.
Keep your food intake
Consider the completeness of the nutrients in your food intake according to age, weight, and activity of the toddlers. A pretty Nutrini can improve the durability of the body is small so it is not susceptible to the disease. Toddler nutrition can be acquired if the food contains energy (carbohydrates and fats), developer of substance (protein) and regulatory substances (vitamins and minerals) and the composition of the 50-70% carbohydrates, 20-30% fat and 10-15% protein.
Enough rest.
A child with a pattern of life that is not appropriate, for example less rest or even less blood circulation causes moving smoothly otherwise it cannot form a strong immune system. Their bodies are vulnerable and tend to be susceptible to infection.
Give your multivitamin.
This Multivitamin supplement-shaped containing a variety of essential vitamins (which cannot be made by the body). These supplements when given in a timely composition and the overdose is adapted to the child's needs, can help increase the body's resistance.
Maintain the cleanliness of food and drinks.
Make sure that any food and drink that goes into the mouth of a child hygience. See also the hygiene Kit or places to eat. Similarly, by means of processing and preparing food at home should remain hygienic. Make it a habit carries the little food provision that are prepared from the House so the little one no need to snack food outside which no hygience. Fluid intake is also obliged to watch out for. Keep your toddler's body you do not let the lack of fluids, meaning don't less drink especially when the weather is very hot and dusty.
Maintain the cleanliness of the body of a toddler with a regular bath.
Bathe regularly could reduce the chances of exposed skin disorder. If the abnormality of the skin (allergies) in toddlers, do not carelessly smeared the cure of the skin. Skin allergic reactions in children, se-any light should be handled properly by a dermatologist. There is no harm if we add liquid antiseptic water hygiene when in doubt.
Foster a culture of hand-washing
Most infectious diseases are caused by germs that are attached to the hand. The age of toddlers are particularly vulnerable are exposed to the virus through her hands. Infectious diseases this can we break the chain of transmission by keeping hygiene by means of hand washing with SOAP and rinse using clean perfectly.
Do not give any medications to the grassroots.
When a toddler allergies caused by dust and cause red eyes, don't let your little one rubbed his eyes. Red eyes due to allergies, if often dikucek can cause infection or inflammation. Do not give any medications being sold freely if they do not know the causes of sore eyes. We recommend that you check with your eye doctor to the little one.
Prepare medications for asthma control.
When your toddler has asthma, do prevention by way of consuming drugs for asthma control on a regular basis. For toddlers who are allergic to cold air, it is advisable to always wear a jacket when the weather is cold and lots of wind. Similarly, if an allergy to heat. Do not use a fan, because the dust carried by the wind that can trigger asthma. Air conditioner (Air Conditioner) is more advisable origin installed at a temperature of 25 C, only have 1 fan and often cleaned.
Maintain the cleanliness of the home and the environment
To prevent the spread of viruses transmitted by mosquitoes which DBD Aedes Aegypti, among others by stockpiling goods used that allows water to well up and reducing clothing hanging behind the door. Besides fogging (fogging) also need to be done simultaneously at a time to kill and repel mosquitoes. Precautionary measures should be carried out by citizens in one environment. Because we never know when someone has one of those around us who may have been exposed to dengue mosquito bitten because in other places, such as at school or in the Office.
Use a mask
In order to keep the toddlers not contracting the disease, we recommend that you keep your distance with the little one when there are family members of adults being cough colds. Use a mask when forced to direct contact with the child, for example, the mother should breastfeed her baby.
I hope our families will always be awake from diseases that attack and growing violent in the extreme.Amin.

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