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Preventing Sexual Harassment in Public Transport

Definition of sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is any action or behavior that is not desirable sexually charged, which makes the victim feel offended, humiliated, humiliated or intimidated and thus affects the psychological condition. Sexual harassment can happen in men and women, and can occur anywhere such as place of work , schools, public transport, market, or even at home .

The element that accompanies the act of sexual harassment are: the event is not desired by the victims are sometimes accompanied by promises, the lure or threats, as well as the psychological impact, such as shame, anger, hate, revenge, intimidated, lost sense safe and comfortable, and others.

Types of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is often the case in the community can be classified in five types including:

1. Harassment physical touch that leads to unwanted sexual acts like kissing, patting, hugging, pinching, stroking, massaging the neck, put a body or other physical touch.

2. Verbal harassment is words, words, comments and other unwanted personal life or body part or a person's appearance, including sexually charged jokes and comments

3. Harassment non-verbal / body language and cues that or sexually suggestive gestures, cast in a repeated, staring lustful body, gesture with your fingers, lick your lips, or other

4. Harassment visual that showed pornographic material in the form of photographs, posters, drawings

cartoon, screensaver or other, or harassment via email, SMS and other electronic communication devices

5. Harassment psychological / emotional namely requests and invitations continuous and unwanted, a date which is not expected, insults or slurs of a sexual nature.

Preventing sexual harassment in public transport

Sexual harassment in public transport such as busways, railways, buses and other increasing from time to time. Especially in big cities like Jakarta. Current density of public transport commuters in the morning and afternoon hours when set to and from work as an easy target abusers. Although basically harassment can happen to both men and women, but in reality many women who are victims. The most extreme form of sexual harassment is sexual assault and rape.

Several attempts have been made public transport service providers to prevent the harassment. But the results have not been optimal. The women service users often complain that public transport is the incident of sex abuse at them. Well, how the heck do I prevent sexual harassment on public transport? What should women do to avoid sexual harassment is?

Here are some tips to prevent sexual harassment on public transport that may be helpful.

Wearing clothes that polite

Do not use a sexy outfit while riding public transportation, such as short skirts or tight shorts yag. Instead, wear clothes that are polite and do not invite men desire to see.

His name is also prevention, there is no guarantee that wearing modest clothing and covered will be safe from sexual abuse. However, using a polite and orderly fashion may lead to reluctance of others to do for fun.

Queuing in a special line

The good news is, the mode of transportation TransJakarta has already introduced a special line to line up for the women. So take advantage of these pathways to queue when riding the busway. If by chance you are at a stop that does not have a special line of women, or other modes of transportation that do not provide a specific path, you should not force yourself to overcrowding.

Woman sitting in a special place

While in the busway, tempatilah in the recommended position is the front of the bus. The front of the bus was already prioritized for women. It is not for the elimination of sexual harassment or other things that are not desirable.

Standing in the group

If forced to stand up, then stand in a group together with other women. As much as possible do not stand alone apart from the rest.

Beware of empty space around him

If there is an empty space around the man should be wary. Lest space was intentionally made to facilitate their mischievous intentions.

Mortar to the officer when you are harassed

Do not say anything if you feel harassed. When you need to shout in order to be the center of attention. Perpetrators typically falls when the woman gives mental resistance. Further ramming incident to officials. The report is important so that the abuser can be directly captured and secured by officers.

Basically, anyone who becomes a victim of sexual abuse should be encouraged to denounce and report the incident. It is a form of affirmation that her ditujukkan harassment behavior is unacceptable and offensive self-esteem.

It could be said that sexual harassment is another form of gender discrimination, and violates rights of human . Sexual harassment is a demeaning attitude is not only the dignity of women, but also the dignity of man as a whole.

Preventing sexual harassment in public transport as such should be taken seriously and to the attention of all parties. Moreover, the future public transportation will be increasingly important to unravel the traffic in the capital.

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