Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is a Crown for every woman. While men often troubled with baldness. Hair loss is one of the problems that often happen to us. To solve it, try some of the following tips:

1. avoid combing the hair in wet conditions.
Just let your hair dry naturally. Wet hair is easier to loose if interested a little. The habit of combing your hair when it's wet you should stop caring and start loving your hair.

2. Choose a comb with a rare back.
If you are using a hood or will be wearing a hat, preferably comb your hair first. This will make your hair more awake with a clean look at once can unleash the blood circulation in the head.

3. don't overuse of a hair dryer or hairdryer.
If you're forced to use it we recommend that you use a low temperature. Note also the distance with hair dryer. Try the distance is approximately 10-15 cm from the hair shaft. Intensity of dry hair will make your hair moisture damaged.

4. Frequently menagerie or parse your hair.
Moreover, while you sleep. Eliminate the habit of tying or clamping the hair tightly. It can make your hair fall out and break easily. Moreover the Customs binds hair can make the hair growth is not good.

5. to keep the moisture your hair, we recommend that you use protective head like a scarf, hat or umbrella when you are in the Sun.

6. to make hair healthier and also look fashionable, please change line parts and style your hair. Changing parts avoid the same scalp is exposed to the Sun in a long time. This can prevent the hair slowly.

7. Do treatments on hair specifically at least a minimum of 2 weeks. Do the activities of cream bat, masks and hair spa to embellish and nourish your hair.

You are coveting a hair beautiful and healthy? Follow our tips from now on. Wait for what else?

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