Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is a Crown for every woman. While men often troubled with baldness. Hair loss is one of the problems that often happen to us. To solve it, try some of the following tips:

1. avoid combing the hair in wet conditions.
Just let your hair dry naturally. Wet hair is easier to loose if interested a little. The habit of combing your hair when it's wet you should stop caring and start loving your hair.

2. Choose a comb with a rare back.
If you are using a hood or will be wearing a hat, preferably comb your hair first. This will make your hair more awake with a clean look at once can unleash the blood circulation in the head.

3. don't overuse of a hair dryer or hairdryer.
If you're forced to use it we recommend that you use a low temperature. Note also the distance with hair dryer. Try the distance is approximately 10-15 cm from the hair shaft. Intensity of dry hair will make your hair moisture damaged.

4. Frequently menagerie or parse your hair.
Moreover, while you sleep. Eliminate the habit of tying or clamping the hair tightly. It can make your hair fall out and break easily. Moreover the Customs binds hair can make the hair growth is not good.

5. to keep the moisture your hair, we recommend that you use protective head like a scarf, hat or umbrella when you are in the Sun.

6. to make hair healthier and also look fashionable, please change line parts and style your hair. Changing parts avoid the same scalp is exposed to the Sun in a long time. This can prevent the hair slowly.

7. Do treatments on hair specifically at least a minimum of 2 weeks. Do the activities of cream bat, masks and hair spa to embellish and nourish your hair.

You are coveting a hair beautiful and healthy? Follow our tips from now on. Wait for what else?

Tips To Keep Your Body's Metabolism

Lately You find it easy once tired and sickly? The condition of your body must be preserved. In order to keep live the daily routine, try the following tips to keep the body's metabolism.

  1. Take care of your diet. Eat regularly, morning, noon and night. You are not accustomed to breakfast? You can start the day with a fruit juice or a glass of milk. The lunch Menu was not indiscriminate. Four healthy 5 perfect you try. As much as possible to avoid fast food. You need a source of energy, therefore seek the best source power.
  2. To meet the needs of your evening tidar. Lack of sleep would make you easily frazzled. angry and unable to concentrate. Try to keep Your night's sleep as much as 9 hours. If a portion of this sleep yet you can fill, try to substitute with a NAP break.
  3. Stress could be one of the factors that make Your body's metabolism is weakened. Stress can ease the advent into the body and slows the healing process. Take the time to chat with friends or hang out at your favorite spot. Be overwhelmed with a sense of someone who is always happy.
  4. With regular exercise will of course increase the freshness of your body. Just do it gentle exercise such as cycling or jogging with your best friend. Do with full of joy. Because the sport is carried out forced also could not bear fruit.
  5. This is the usual tip we heard. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Two liters of water that we consume it ternya good to regulate body temperature, blood flow and nutrient spreading throughout your body. So had nothing to lose You get used to consume water with just the right measure.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips to keep the baby health

Tips for maintaining healthy liver should have fruity we see, especially in the rainy season, sometimes the weather is extreme. Temperature changes greatly affect the health of our hearts.
Maintain the health of your beloved's heart became a priority. Remember toddlers don't have the perfect body endurance. Toddlers are particularly vulnerable to attack a wide range of germs (viruses). Early toddlers assaulted a high fever. I need to know fever is not a disease, but a symptom that the Middle body build defenses against infection. Fever can be a symptom of a disease.
One of these diseases is likely to attack the fruit our hearts when we aren't membentenginya with maximum durability of the body. Prevention efforts will be far better than to treat it. For that we need to know the prevention efforts and how to handle it when our toddlers exposed to one of these diseases.
Cut down on activities outside of the home
When you need to bring your little one out of the House, we recommend that you do just at a time when weather is sunny. The "ideal" is early morning or late afternoon. Avoid out 12 noon. Because at this time is the culmination of the change of weather and pollution. This precaution can be expected to reduce the risk of respiratory tract disorders.
Keep your food intake
Consider the completeness of the nutrients in your food intake according to age, weight, and activity of the toddlers. A pretty Nutrini can improve the durability of the body is small so it is not susceptible to the disease. Toddler nutrition can be acquired if the food contains energy (carbohydrates and fats), developer of substance (protein) and regulatory substances (vitamins and minerals) and the composition of the 50-70% carbohydrates, 20-30% fat and 10-15% protein.
Enough rest.
A child with a pattern of life that is not appropriate, for example less rest or even less blood circulation causes moving smoothly otherwise it cannot form a strong immune system. Their bodies are vulnerable and tend to be susceptible to infection.
Give your multivitamin.
This Multivitamin supplement-shaped containing a variety of essential vitamins (which cannot be made by the body). These supplements when given in a timely composition and the overdose is adapted to the child's needs, can help increase the body's resistance.
Maintain the cleanliness of food and drinks.
Make sure that any food and drink that goes into the mouth of a child hygience. See also the hygiene Kit or places to eat. Similarly, by means of processing and preparing food at home should remain hygienic. Make it a habit carries the little food provision that are prepared from the House so the little one no need to snack food outside which no hygience. Fluid intake is also obliged to watch out for. Keep your toddler's body you do not let the lack of fluids, meaning don't less drink especially when the weather is very hot and dusty.
Maintain the cleanliness of the body of a toddler with a regular bath.
Bathe regularly could reduce the chances of exposed skin disorder. If the abnormality of the skin (allergies) in toddlers, do not carelessly smeared the cure of the skin. Skin allergic reactions in children, se-any light should be handled properly by a dermatologist. There is no harm if we add liquid antiseptic water hygiene when in doubt.
Foster a culture of hand-washing
Most infectious diseases are caused by germs that are attached to the hand. The age of toddlers are particularly vulnerable are exposed to the virus through her hands. Infectious diseases this can we break the chain of transmission by keeping hygiene by means of hand washing with SOAP and rinse using clean perfectly.
Do not give any medications to the grassroots.
When a toddler allergies caused by dust and cause red eyes, don't let your little one rubbed his eyes. Red eyes due to allergies, if often dikucek can cause infection or inflammation. Do not give any medications being sold freely if they do not know the causes of sore eyes. We recommend that you check with your eye doctor to the little one.
Prepare medications for asthma control.
When your toddler has asthma, do prevention by way of consuming drugs for asthma control on a regular basis. For toddlers who are allergic to cold air, it is advisable to always wear a jacket when the weather is cold and lots of wind. Similarly, if an allergy to heat. Do not use a fan, because the dust carried by the wind that can trigger asthma. Air conditioner (Air Conditioner) is more advisable origin installed at a temperature of 25 C, only have 1 fan and often cleaned.
Maintain the cleanliness of the home and the environment
To prevent the spread of viruses transmitted by mosquitoes which DBD Aedes Aegypti, among others by stockpiling goods used that allows water to well up and reducing clothing hanging behind the door. Besides fogging (fogging) also need to be done simultaneously at a time to kill and repel mosquitoes. Precautionary measures should be carried out by citizens in one environment. Because we never know when someone has one of those around us who may have been exposed to dengue mosquito bitten because in other places, such as at school or in the Office.
Use a mask
In order to keep the toddlers not contracting the disease, we recommend that you keep your distance with the little one when there are family members of adults being cough colds. Use a mask when forced to direct contact with the child, for example, the mother should breastfeed her baby.
I hope our families will always be awake from diseases that attack and growing violent in the extreme.Amin.

Tips to be a professional photographer

Friend, Liked so buddy buddy with photography being a professional photographer?, Actually being a photographer does not have to have any special skills, but my friend must have a solid foundation, essentially a whim.
World photography rapidly growing quickly, especially in an era today's digital and of course the opportunity to become a Friend of reliable photographer not too late.

Below WM will give a few tips for buddy-buddy who wanted to join the world of photography, and of course everyone has a separate issue to be a reliable photographer:

  1. Many read books about the photographer or if a buddy who likes surfing the internet (surfing), a lot of articles about the history to engineering Friend photographer can see examples of the professional photographer, so the will be increasingly encouraged buddy.
  2. Never give up, actually in this case not only to become a photographer only, to be any buddy can not give up and that will certainly be a lot of challenges that my friend got when Buddies want to reach goals, for example, is when my friend has not been too good at shooting will probably berate and insult many shots buddy. That's what my friend must be strong mentally. : D
  3. Do not ever get bored, sometimes we have always saturated because often doing something that kept recurring, but do not worry if my friend possessed a strong desire WM sure Buddy will not get bored especially saturated, advice from WM; should never consider a job as a burden but suppose my friend as a hobby fun. Has not it?
  4. Action, after my friend read and heed some photo examples of pieces of the work of a professional photographer, it is time pal Action do not just read and saw no action because of what my friend did not mean anything.
  5. Determine Direction Friend, As photography style was very much (photo model, advertising photos, wedding photos and other), determine the direction of my friend now, which type would choose my friend. Although the technique is the same but of course, each style has its advantages and disadvantages of each.
  6. Buy supplies, Being a photographer and his camera of course need to prepare for it assessor capital to buy it all in order to learn more spirit again buddy. If the purse has not been sufficient, buddy may buy pocket camera to just learn to find the right perspective. If you already know new pal pal buy DSLR cameras are quite expensive : D .
  7. Commercial, after my friend was feeling expert, now is the time my friend commercialize their work through the website / blog or newspaper / magazines. If the work of my friend is guaranteed to satisfy a lot of people who flock to the place to ask my friend in portrait and the money meet Buddy wallet.

Tips on running buddy should really keep my friend become a professional photographer. May be useful!.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preventing Sexual Harassment in Public Transport

Definition of sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is any action or behavior that is not desirable sexually charged, which makes the victim feel offended, humiliated, humiliated or intimidated and thus affects the psychological condition. Sexual harassment can happen in men and women, and can occur anywhere such as place of work , schools, public transport, market, or even at home .

The element that accompanies the act of sexual harassment are: the event is not desired by the victims are sometimes accompanied by promises, the lure or threats, as well as the psychological impact, such as shame, anger, hate, revenge, intimidated, lost sense safe and comfortable, and others.

Types of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is often the case in the community can be classified in five types including:

1. Harassment physical touch that leads to unwanted sexual acts like kissing, patting, hugging, pinching, stroking, massaging the neck, put a body or other physical touch.

2. Verbal harassment is words, words, comments and other unwanted personal life or body part or a person's appearance, including sexually charged jokes and comments

3. Harassment non-verbal / body language and cues that or sexually suggestive gestures, cast in a repeated, staring lustful body, gesture with your fingers, lick your lips, or other

4. Harassment visual that showed pornographic material in the form of photographs, posters, drawings

cartoon, screensaver or other, or harassment via email, SMS and other electronic communication devices

5. Harassment psychological / emotional namely requests and invitations continuous and unwanted, a date which is not expected, insults or slurs of a sexual nature.

Preventing sexual harassment in public transport

Sexual harassment in public transport such as busways, railways, buses and other increasing from time to time. Especially in big cities like Jakarta. Current density of public transport commuters in the morning and afternoon hours when set to and from work as an easy target abusers. Although basically harassment can happen to both men and women, but in reality many women who are victims. The most extreme form of sexual harassment is sexual assault and rape.

Several attempts have been made public transport service providers to prevent the harassment. But the results have not been optimal. The women service users often complain that public transport is the incident of sex abuse at them. Well, how the heck do I prevent sexual harassment on public transport? What should women do to avoid sexual harassment is?

Here are some tips to prevent sexual harassment on public transport that may be helpful.

Wearing clothes that polite

Do not use a sexy outfit while riding public transportation, such as short skirts or tight shorts yag. Instead, wear clothes that are polite and do not invite men desire to see.

His name is also prevention, there is no guarantee that wearing modest clothing and covered will be safe from sexual abuse. However, using a polite and orderly fashion may lead to reluctance of others to do for fun.

Queuing in a special line

The good news is, the mode of transportation TransJakarta has already introduced a special line to line up for the women. So take advantage of these pathways to queue when riding the busway. If by chance you are at a stop that does not have a special line of women, or other modes of transportation that do not provide a specific path, you should not force yourself to overcrowding.

Woman sitting in a special place

While in the busway, tempatilah in the recommended position is the front of the bus. The front of the bus was already prioritized for women. It is not for the elimination of sexual harassment or other things that are not desirable.

Standing in the group

If forced to stand up, then stand in a group together with other women. As much as possible do not stand alone apart from the rest.

Beware of empty space around him

If there is an empty space around the man should be wary. Lest space was intentionally made to facilitate their mischievous intentions.

Mortar to the officer when you are harassed

Do not say anything if you feel harassed. When you need to shout in order to be the center of attention. Perpetrators typically falls when the woman gives mental resistance. Further ramming incident to officials. The report is important so that the abuser can be directly captured and secured by officers.

Basically, anyone who becomes a victim of sexual abuse should be encouraged to denounce and report the incident. It is a form of affirmation that her ditujukkan harassment behavior is unacceptable and offensive self-esteem.

It could be said that sexual harassment is another form of gender discrimination, and violates rights of human . Sexual harassment is a demeaning attitude is not only the dignity of women, but also the dignity of man as a whole.

Preventing sexual harassment in public transport as such should be taken seriously and to the attention of all parties. Moreover, the future public transportation will be increasingly important to unravel the traffic in the capital.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Causes, Signs and Prevention Ringing Ear (Tinnitus)

Had a late night and silent. The body feels tired, tired, and ready to lay down. At that time, there may be those among us that is difficult to close my eyes because of the ringing in the ears. Nguing ... nguing ... nguing. Hmm, ... sucks.

The ringing sound of tinnitus is a medical term, but perhaps less well known. Our society is more astounding in terms of ear ringing or buzzing ears. The word tinnitus comes from the Latin tinnire, whose meaning is ringing.

Understanding tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where a person hears "sound  Ringing" in the ears (ringing in ear), or an auditory perception that is not really coming from outside noise. The sound that sounds can vary, it can be a buzzing, ringing, chirping, roaring, roaring, whistling or hissing sound with different levels of disturbance. The sound of ringing that can occur intermittently or continuously.

Tinnitus is usually a sign of the condition of health of others, such as hearing loss due to age, ear injury, or disorders of blood circulation system. Although annoying, ringing in the ears is usually not a serious condition.

Tinnitus can happen to one ear or both ears at once. Can also occur suddenly (eg due to trauma, head injury or brain) or slowly as part of the process of senility. Many felt that the ear ringing more a syndrome than a disease.

The types of tinnitus / ringing in the ears

There are two types of tinnitus, the tinnitus subjective and objective tinnitus.

Subjective tinnitus is the most common type. In subjective tinnitus, "ringing sound" can only be heard by the patient alone. Causes of Subjective tinnitus is a problem in the ear, both in the outer, middle, and inner ear. In addition, subjective tinnitus can also be caused by problems in the auditory nerve or the brain translates the nerve signals as sound.

In objective tinnitus, the doctor who was checking could hear the patient's voice is heard. Causes of objective tinnitus is a problem with the blood vessels, the condition of the bones in the inner ear, or muscle contraction. Objective tinnitus is rare.

Causes of ringing in the ears

It is not yet known exactly what causes ringing in the ears. There are many things that can cause a person to experience ringing noise in the sense of hearing.

Some things that can cause ringing in the ears is to consume drugs in a certain period of time long enough such as aspirin, anti-hypertensive drugs, often listening to loud noise, loud noises, or blow / pressure on the ear. In addition, Idera impaired hearing, ear wax accumulates, sinus infections, diseases of heart , psychological trauma, and injury to the head or neck.

Most of the others mentioned cause ringing ears include: damage to the hearing nerve in the inner ear; factors of age; disorders of the jaw; too much consumption of alcoholic beverages; infections in the ears; calcification eardrum; stress ; Meniere's disease, which is excess fluid inside the cochlea endolimphe ears, allergies, as well as other diseases such as brain tumors, nerve deafness, abnormalities of the eustachian tube, hypertension, anemia and others.
Knowing the signs of ringing in the ears

To detect ringing in our ears or not, try the steps as below:

1. Choose a calm and quiet. Close your eyes while sitting or lying down.

2. Concentration and listen good sound / noise in the vicinity. Listen to sound too strange that may sound in the ears but no source.

3. If you hear a sound / noise either intermittently or continuously, it could be a sign of ear ringing. Sound / noise is possible only on one ear or both ears at once.

4. Please check to someone else if they also heard a sound / noise like you hear.

5. Typically, the more calm and serene atmosphere of the sound / voice ringing it more easily heard.

6. To be more sure, try to consult a doctor or an otolaryngologist. If you need to do the test hearing test.
Prevent / resolve ringing in the ears

Preventing / ringing in the ears can be done to overcome them by: reducing the consumption of salt (sodium), a music therapy / sound (neuronomics), increase the intake of Omega-3 from fish oil, increased potassium intake, consume Ginkgo Biloba supplements.

Additionally prevent / resolve buzzing ears or tinnitus, done with: avoid stress, learn to ignore the sound / noise that arises, away from sources of loud, pounding, and noisy; checks blood pressure, avoid drugs that can cause tinnitus, regular exercise, and sufficient break.
Sound therapy to cope with ringing in the ears

Kompas Online reported that speech therapy combined with the soothing sound of ocean waves could help reduce interference buzzing ears or tinnitus. When the alloy technique used in conjunction with standard treatments exist for this, according to some researchers that will bring more benefits for people with ears buzzing.

Until now tinnitus disturbance was not found a cure. The sound of the sea and the waves are considered effective for ringing in the ears, because it has an equal frequency so that it can cover the sound of ringing ears.

Researchers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands combines the above two approaches to treating patients with mild or severe tinnitus. Research on the 492 patients found that patients treated with the two techniques above having a better quality of life after 1 year.

Reports are about therapies that utilize sound of the sea and the waves were certainly encouraging. Because it could be the most awaited positive news to tackle tinnitus / ringing in the ears.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Understanding Psychology Adolescent Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is a cliche that often slid from us all. So easy are two words that come out when we see adolescents act upset parents, teachers, or the general public. Juvenile delinquency is not always a negative connotation, sometimes it's just an emotional bang teen in the face of the problem.

How the heck should we understand the relationship of juvenile delinquency, especially in adolescents themselves with parents or family? This article may be a little help to understand juvenile delinquency, especially in terms of psychology.

Juvenile delinquency and the disorganization

People said moments that often make parents dizzy is when the child was a teenager her. For example, children who had been quiet all of a sudden become like angry children, obedient child who was turned into a defiant love. Hmm, ... troublesome indeed. But if they someday will be forever like that?

Psychologist Dr. Haims Gimet mention the headache teenage parents as a period of disorganization. Disorganization is the transition period from childhood turned into organized youth who experience disorganization, before finally moving toward the reorganization concerned when I grow up. Age-age teens say as a period of "confusion" that heals, Gimet wrote in his book Between Parents and Teenagers.

There are so many examples of psychological transition to adolescence is characterized by "storm turmoil" it. When their children are still quite pious and sweet. Then a teenager turned into naughty and troublesome, and after growing up become well again.

For example, in the history of Islam who does not know Umar ibn Khattab? Companions of the Prophet on this one noble character, compassion, sacrifice, courage, and chivalry. Noble mind and character which is recognized by the entire world of Islam. But who deny when it's exemplary personal future first very naughty teenage behavior. First, the type of teenager Umar genuine pagan. However, the past and the sins which made Umar before he believes in Allah immediately locked once uttered two sentences creed.

From the brief description of the life changes that Umar, the lesson for us is whether to teens who already "diligently" old man's headache could turn out to be good as well as Umar? The answer would be yes. Such changes and natural and very common.

Basically looking Gimet mental transition as a process of natural and human nature. Juvenile delinquency are confusing it can happen to teenagers anywhere, and anytime. Because they are psychologically racked between two poles: the future of children who will abolition but still attached and unfamiliar adult nature and has not been mastered. Naturally, not when they are being naughty and unruly? In terms of age, they are indeed being his time like that.

Juvenile delinquency and the maturation process of self-

Between juvenile delinquency and criminality separated a very thin line. Of course Gimet conclusions about the nature of human nature and psychological transition is not to justify the occurrence of juvenile delinquency. Moreover justify criminality. The views Gimet more appropriate when used as part of an effort to understand the troubled teenager who was hit by it.

Regardless of the reason alone, hope to be a good and useful man on the day ahead would be a desire from both parents and adolescents. Parents feel dizzy yes because interest in the future of their children. Surely he is worried and does not want him getting into the act and promiscuity is not healthy .

In contrast to older, no matter how whereof, full transition to the psychological turmoil that inevitably passed by the maturation patterns of thinking and behaving are concerned adulthood. That sunnatullah. Through adolescence is "troubled" that is part of growing adolescents themselves.

What is needed here is a critical understanding of all of us with regard to the psychological transition being experienced by adolescents. Without the need to be permissive, we can not you see it in the context of juvenile delinquency and kamikaze their psychology?