Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Causes and How to Eliminate Body Odor

I bet. One of the girls are worried about when going to meet a girlfriend is all about body odor. Correct? The other thing is about clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and others. The smell in the body is not a disease as dangerous hiv aids, but body odor is very disturbing in the relationship between one another. Not just with a girlfriend, but maybe also with colleagues at work, your boss, your community, teachers, and others. The question is, is it possible to overcome the disturbing body odor? What are the causes of body odor that? So is there any way to eliminate body odor that is easy and natural?
Well, here's a brief description of the cause and how to eliminate body odor that is easy and natural. How are complicated and unnatural, not here the place.

The cause of body odor

That can cause body odor was different, eg because certain foods, hormonal changes, heredity or genetic abnormalities, unbalanced diet and disease. More specifically, the cause of body odor is the presence of bacteria on the skin of the "proceeds" of protein and sugar in sweat.
As we know, one of which was sweat because the body's metabolic processes. Hence, the smell in the body very closely related to what we eat and drink every day. Well lo, lest we tuh favorite foods that cause odor in the body. Hmm. . . .
As for the smell in the body is stubborn and does not want to disappear, the cause could be the so-called trimethylaminuria (TMAU). What is it? Trimethylaminuria is a genetic imbalance that resulted in someone having a bad body odor and tamarind. TMAU sufferers are unable to process chemicals choline from foods and beverages consumed, resulting in body odor.
A research, far away at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, has been carried out on 353 people who had a body odor problem. As a result as many as 118 people or one-third suffer from what is called the trimethylaminuria (TMAU). Did the experts agree TMAU as the cause of body odor is stubborn? Wallahu'alam.

Foods that cause body odor

As mentioned upfront, that the bad smell in the body are very closely related to what we consume daily. There are some herbs and foods that can cause body odor.
Foods that cause body odor include the following: onion (either garlic or onions), turmeric, red meat and spicy food. They are all (flavor) of food is important to arouse the appetite. Can not imagine how insipid taste of food menu if no (seasoning) food?
Unfortunately, if we eat in the restaurant or eating house, a lot of (flavor) of food cause bad body odor that is used. Similar dilemmas fruit simalakama dong becomes. If eaten body so smelly, do not eat the stomach hungry ... hehehe

Food body odor remover

There are always two sides to every bit of life. Similarly, in terms of the food we eat to the odor in the body. There are foods that can cause body odor, there are also foods that can eliminate body odor. Unique huh?
Food deodorizing body are: tomato, lemon, celery, and green tea. Tomatoes can be eaten or made to drink tomato juice. Lime can be made iced lemon, sweet lemon tea, or sliced ​​lemon squeezed and massaged into the armpit. Celery can be mixed in cooking. While green tea is a drink made from green tea.
Our society among the four food deodorizing body was already well known, and many practiced to cope with body odor.

Eliminates body odor the natural way

Eliminates body odor naturally is simple, not complicated formulas to solve physics or mathematics is. What is important is that we are consistent with the agency's efforts to address the odor. Want to know how to eliminate body odor that is easy and natural? These are:

First, diligent shower

True dong must be diligent bath. Period to eliminate body odor but lazy bath. Moreover, we are in the tropics, an area that a lot of sunlight throughout the season. Logically, a lot of sun exposure is identical to a lot of sweating. Lots of sweaty bodies so smelly. So if you want to tackle body odor but lazy bath, so it's impossible. Impossible, is not it?
One part of the body most much sweat and odor in the body is the armpit (Java = armpit). So when bathing, wipe-clean as the armpit with a net that body odor disappeared.

Second, the control of food intake

The trick is quite simple, namely to reduce the consumption of foods that cause body odor and diligent eating body odor remover. Although simple, unfortunately many of us are impatient and inconsistent that failed in an attempt to overcome a bad odor in the body. His name also controls food intake, so the implied meaning of a process in it.
One thing that needs to be underlined is that the body needs to cope with bad consistency. Remain diligent to consume foods that can eliminate body odor while at the same time reduces the foods that can cause body odor. Do not like the alternating climate transition, today the sun is shining through the sweltering heat, but heavy rain tomorrow.
Finally, eliminate body odor naturally pretty easy right? Hopefully useful.